The Pembury Martyr

For some years now I have been fascinated by the story of Margery Polley… our local martyr. Everybody in the village is familiar with the memorial horse trough on the green, but few, it seems, have any knowledge of the tragic events that are commemorated. So…. earlier this year I decided to make a film which would tell the full story.

I felt that it was important to make this production a village community project. I began by contacting Hilary Smith and she agreed to present the documentary and to write the script. I also approached Richard Snow, a well know local historian, and he too joined the production.

However, although essentially a documentary, there is a major dramatic scene covering the trial of Margery Polley. I then got in touch with my friend Mandy Carr, currently the Vicar of Sevenoaks Weald, who had written the screenplays for ‘The Rule Breaker,’ ’Jericho Way’ and ‘In the Shadow of the Cross.’ Mandy is a gifted writer and her agreement to join the production was warmly welcomed.

Now we needed a director and who better than Maggie Weaver. She immediately set about the casting and we were soon able to get into production.

The cast and crew are all local people whose talents have proved invaluable, so it really is a community production.
The public screenings will take place later in the year, all proceeds to charity, and we look forward to seeing you all and telling the moving story of a 30 year old Pembury widow who was burned at the stake in 1555.

David Doré


The Pembury Martyr – Trailer from David Doré on Vimeo.

Christmas Lights in Pembury

Many of you I’m sure will have seen the news about why the normal Christmas lights are not on the lamp posts this year.

Work is continuing to find a solution to this issue with meetings planned this coming week involving the Parish Council, Kent County Council(KCC) and our local County Councillor (Paul Barrington-King) They are all working hard to find a solution to the issue.

Other suggestions have been put forward as to how to bring the Christmas spirit to the village this year. People are being asked to consider putting lights in their gardens or on the front of their houses, making sure that it is safe to do so, of course.

In addition to the discussions about to take place with KCC, Cllr Louise Mills (Chair, Communications & Events Working Group of Pembury Parish Council) has set up a crowdfunding appeal to raise money to install a Christmas Tree on the village green.

Please visit the page and consider giving a donation.


5 January 2018


  • Move to Village News, 37 High Street, Pembury, TN2 4PH
  • Open seven days a week
  • Extra 15 hours a week
  • Modern open-plan retail environment
  • Banking services for personal customers and small businesses
  • Wide range of Post Office services available

The Post Office has agreed to relocate Pembury Post Office to Village News, 37 High Street, Pembury, TN2 4PH.

Post Office services will be delivered from an open-plan till alongside the retail counter of the store.

Opening hours will be Monday – Saturday: 7am – 6pm; Sunday: 9am – 12 noon. This will be an extra 15 hours of Post Office service a week including Sunday morning and earlier opening every day. This will make it more convenient for customers to visit.

Our partners and agents operate sub Post Office branches alongside their private retail business, and it is important that they make the very best use of their resources to ensure future sustainability of both their business and the Post Office service.

An opportunity has arisen for our postmaster, currently operating from 47 Hastings Road, Pembury, TN2 4PB, to incorporate Post Office services into their other local premises nearby with a convenience store also on site. Our partner firmly believes that the move will help safeguard the viability of their business, including the Post Office service.

During public consultation we received 17 individual responses from customers and a local representative. The main feedback commented about parking and availability of space in the proposed store to accommodate a Post Office.  However some customers welcomed the longer opening hours.

Parking is outside the direct control of Post Office Limited.  However, we have reviewed parking in the area. There are parking restrictions in the road, but these end approximately 100 metres away from the branch.  We are therefore satisfied that parking at the new branch will continue to meet the needs of customers using the Post Office.

Access to the branch will be level and via a wide door at the entrance. The new premises will be refurbished and fitted out to a high standard, ensuring there is adequate space for both retail and Post Office customers and that the Post Office counter area is easily accessible.


Issued by:

Post Office Press Office
20 Finsbury Street
Tel: 07436 038445 or 020 7012 3456 (24 hours),
Follow us on Twitter @postofficenews

A21 to open fully – 21 September 2017

Mark the date on your calendar…. The A21 will be open for use on Thursday 21 September.  Highways England have said:

We plan to open the road on the 21 September without any traffic management and at the national speed limit. We will continue to landscape the surrounding area. We may need to temporarily close lanes in the future so our vehicles can safely access the area and carry out this work.

What next?

We will continue with:

  • construction of the Blackhurst Lane footbridge
  • work on the non-motorised user route across the project

You can keep up to date on the project on the Highways England Website

Tonbridge Road Closure

Thank you for contacting the A21 Tonbridge to Pembury Inbox regarding the closure of Tonbridge Road.

As you are aware we will be closing the existing Tonbridge Road on the approach to the Longfield Road roundabout, including the roundabout itself. Road users will be able to travel along the new slip roads and the new roundabout, both of which are currently being constructed and are located to the west of the existing carriageway – please refer to the attached sketch for the planned layout.

We have been working with Kent Police, Kent County Council and Pembury Hospital and we have agreed with Kent County Council for them to re-programme the traffic lights that are located at the A228 / Tonbridge Road crossroads in order to steady the throughput of traffic onto the A228.

We will be publicising this closure through forthcoming scheme updates and display boards at Pembury Hospital.

Currently road signs indicate closure between 20th August and Spring 2017

Further delays on the finishing of the road works reported by the BBC: