David Doré 1942-2022

It was very sad to read of the passing of David Doré in issue 190 of the PVN.

David had been a great supporter of this web site over the years with his video submissions, which we have shared with you.

His videos recorded the various events and changes around the villages over the last two decades.

His videos can be seen, of which there are many on his ‘Silk Purse Films – Channel 1’ Vimeo channel.

The Pembury Martyr

For some years now I have been fascinated by the story of Margery Polley… our local martyr. Everybody in the village is familiar with the memorial horse trough on the green, but few, it seems, have any knowledge of the tragic events that are commemorated. So…. earlier this year I decided to make a film which would tell the full story.

I felt that it was important to make this production a village community project. I began by contacting Hilary Smith and she agreed to present the documentary and to write the script. I also approached Richard Snow, a well know local historian, and he too joined the production.

However, although essentially a documentary, there is a major dramatic scene covering the trial of Margery Polley. I then got in touch with my friend Mandy Carr, currently the Vicar of Sevenoaks Weald, who had written the screenplays for ‘The Rule Breaker,’ ’Jericho Way’ and ‘In the Shadow of the Cross.’ Mandy is a gifted writer and her agreement to join the production was warmly welcomed.

Now we needed a director and who better than Maggie Weaver. She immediately set about the casting and we were soon able to get into production.

The cast and crew are all local people whose talents have proved invaluable, so it really is a community production.
The public screenings will take place later in the year, all proceeds to charity, and we look forward to seeing you all and telling the moving story of a 30 year old Pembury widow who was burned at the stake in 1555.

David Doré


The Pembury Martyr – Trailer from David Doré on Vimeo.