Pembury Village News Website born Autumn 1998

The website turned 18 years old in recent months. I can’t remember the exact date it went on line. But through the magic of the interwebs I have a screen shot of it from late 1999. I am fairly sure it came on line in November 1998 or there abouts.

How it has changed in the last 18 years! Back then it was a just a small sub-site off Alison’s PBSS business site at: the current address didn’t happen until a couple of years later.

But here is what it looked like in the early days:

Some of the content on the current site originates from that first site or something similar! When it first started I was using Notepad in Windows to create and edit the pages. The HTML language didn’t fully support tables back then. And most people used the Netscape browser to view the pages.

In 1999 searching for Pembury on Alta Vista only produced a small number of results… nothing like doing the same thing today!

Thank you all for your continued help and support.

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