‘The Rule Breaker’

Local cinematographer David Doré, has been called upon to film a feature length drama written, produced & directed by Revd. Mandy Carr of Lamberhurst.  The film crew and many members of the cast are Pembury people and all earnings from the film will be donated to the Hospice in the Weald.

The premiere will be at the KINO Cinema in Hawkhurst in early December and it is hoped that the film will be entered into the Berlin International Film Festival next February.

Top Prosecutor, Matthias, is called in to conduct the case against Jesus of Nazareth who is accused of being a subversive element in society by challenging the Establishment and the cultural and religious rules. In an unusual move, Prosecuting and Defence Counsels agree to visit the witnesses together. From the testimony they hear they will build their case; is this Jesus a man of God or a dangerous law-breaker who needs to be punished? The Rule Breaker explores the evidence and draws the case to its conclusion, but in this story the end is just the beginning……….

The Rule Breaker – Trailer from David Doré on Vimeo.


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