History of Pembury Book & Occasional Exhibitions

The Pembury Society has two meetings a year at St Peter’s Church in Hastings Road. Each meeting has a guest speaker giving an illuminating talk on a subject related to Pembury. There are plans to accompany some of these meetings with small exhibitions and displays of historic maps, prints, postcards and ephemera of a Pembury nature.

There are also plans to publish a book on the history of Pembury.  This is currently being written by Kathryn Franklin and will be published by the Pembury Society.

It is hoped that residents of Pembury will come forward with any archive material or photographs that can be used for any of the occasional exhibitions, or for the book, or for this web site.  All contributions will be acknowledged.

If you, or any friends or family members feel they can contribute please contact Tony Nicholls at
pemburyhistory@gmail.com      or       history@pembury.org

Please put “Pembury History” in the Subject field of your email.  I will reply to all messages.


A21 Tunbridge <> Pembury

This item has now been moved to the ‘A21’ page under ‘Localities’.

It now joins a vast amount of new information on the 2015/2016/2017 A21 roadworks.

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Pembury Parishes

An interesting article popped up on my Google alert for Pembury this morning. It is on British History On-line. It describes the history of the parish in quite a lot of detail, and references the sources of the information as well.

Take a read at: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/survey-kent/vol5/pp260-272


The History part of the Pembury web site has grown up, left home, and got a place of its own. This is to enable us to expand the history content without appearing to dominate or swamp the regular web site. Much has been written about Pembury’s history over the years, and this web site is an ideal environment to act as an anchor or focal point for all that information. What you see here is a start. Hopefully much more will follow in years to come. There are menu selections for historic pictures and maps, lists of the old shops and pubs, but nothing as yet about the churches, manors,  farms or housing development.  Volunteers wishing to help in the compilation of these topics would be welcome.

We are hoping to populate these pages with dedicated articles, maps and compilations.  The Shops and Retail compilation is typical of the type of project that relies on community contributions.  We have started off with dedicated maps of the village that show the locations of shops past and present. In an associated table we plan to list as many of the old businesses that have occupied a particular shop, along with the shopkeeper’s name and date of occupation.  Please get in contact with any additions and corrections.  All contributions are welcome, and all contributors will be acknowledged.