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Hall Facilities

The size of the Main Hall is 52 ft x 39 ft  [16 x 12 m], plus the stage which is 18 ft wide x 14 ft deep [5 x 4 m]. The hall has 150 chairs and 20 trestle tables available for functions.

The size of the Meeting Room is 23 ft x 18 ft [7 x 5 m]. The meeting room has 20 chairs and some smaller trestle tables..

The size of the Kitchen is 20 ft x 12 ft [6 x 4 m]. The kitchen is fully equipped with hob/oven, fridge, freezer; crockery is also available.


Dancing with tables 150 People
Seated at tables 120 People
Closely seated audience 150 People

Contact the Booking Manager on 07983 228181 for all your enquiries.