PENNS YARD Development Petition

We the below object to the proposed development of 27 new homes at Penns Yard for the following reasons:

1.  The proposed site lies entirely within The Metropolitan Green Belt, which currently ensures the character of Pembury village is maintained

2.  Increased pressure on the local infrastructure such as

  • GP’s
  • Schools
  • General Transport and roads
  • Community services

3. It would have a detrimental impact on the standard of living of the present residents (some with disabilities) and the adjacent High Street

  • Access is a problem via the narrow entrance which is restricted by Grade 11 listed buildings on either side, affecting the Emergency services, delivery vans/lorries
  • Parking and the Increased volume of traffic will become more of a problem for residents and locals.
  • The proposed development impinges on the existing residents’ allocated parking spaces

(A separate Additional Comments page is also provided)

The Pembury Society support this intiative, and if you do, please sign the petition available at Pembury Pharmacy, Doctors, Library, Black Horse.

1 thought on “PENNS YARD Development Petition

  1. Debbie and LIsa

    Hi Steve the Petition you signed was ours.

    As we are in the Courier this week about the Saving Our Green Belt it would be to our benefit to work together. WE HAVE UNDER ONE MONTH LEFT. hope to hear from you soon



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