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This page is an aid to understanding the ‘Local Plan’ – the housing expansion of Pembury to satisfy government housing plans.
It is a work in progress and may change as and when new data is made available.

On 27th July 2019 this document (link below) was made public. It is the first document showing some detail of ‘The Local Plan’.


The document, published by TWBC, covers all of the Tunbridge Wells Borough.
Pembury is detailed between pages 323 and 340.



TWBC Draft Local Plan document –   https://beta.tunbridgewells.gov.uk/local-plan/draft-local-plan

Make comments on the Local Plan              (We are not aware of any online comment facility)

You can return them by e-mail to localplan@tunbridgewells.gov.uk, or print them and post your completed forms to:

Local Plan
Planning Policy
Planning Services
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall
Civic Way
Royal Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN1 1RS.

Comments can be submitted from 20 September to 1 November 2019.

Some relevant documents at TWBC Planning web site

Local Plan Overview –
Pembury Green Belt Study –
Infrastructure Delivery Plan –
Parking and Transport –
Proposed Tunbridge Wells Bypass  (page 143 of this document) –

The report does hint that this bypass scheme has been dismissed for the time being, but is useful for future resurrection.
See maps lower down this page.


Pembury Matters – a Facebook page also highlighting local planning concerns-  www.facebook.com/Pemburymatters
Note that this is not a Pembury Society feature, but does reflect concerns felt by the Pembury community.

Local Plan web site published  Feb 2020



Detailed Assessment of Pembury –


This document is worth reading – several times!



The map below is a summary of the Pembury section and has been compiled from the TWBC data.



TWBC   Public consultation for Pembury Local Plan

Wednesday 2 October,     4pm to 7pm     in the Pembury Village Hall.


Pembury Parish Council  Public consultation for Pembury Local Plan

Monday 23 September,         in the Pembury Village Hall

             Drop in Session 6pm – 8pm                Public Meeting  8pm – 9pm


The map below shows how the Local Plan at Tudeley, Capel and Paddock Wood will impact Pembury.

Above: a map of the area showing the likely route for drivers from the Paddock Wood / Tudeley area heading to Tunbridge Wells.
Although there are plans for a Colts Hill bypass the main traffic will still funnel in at Pembury.
The creation of nearly 7000 new homes (Pembury has just over 2000) will have a huge impact on local road traffic conditions.

Below – the same map with a few additions.



Above – 2019 for consideration in Local Plan – Tunbridge Wells Bypass – likely to be abandoned.

Below – 1942 original proposal for a Tunbridge Wells Bypass – abandoned in 1945.

Above:  In 1942 it was considered necessary to investigate a bypass road for Tunbridge Wells  –  77 years ago!



Below the Ultimate Bypass for Tunbridge Wells, Pembury and Colt’s Hill

The ‘Maidstone Road link’ makes a logical connection with the Colt’s Hill Bypass and eases ‘rat-run’ traffic through Matfield.
The added branch (Longfield Road Link) to the A21 would relieve Pembury of the Industrial and Retail traffic from Tudeley & Paddock Wood.
It would also allow Tudeley & Paddock Wood traffic easier access to the A21 for Sevenoaks, London and the M25.
Without this link all the traffic destined for Sevenoaks, London & the M25 would probably access the A21 at Pembury.

The map below shows Pembury having a connection to the junction of Colt’s Hill bypass and the Longfield Road link. This may be unnecessary.
It may be better to leave Pembury just connected to the old A228 (Colt’s Hill Road) to prevent ‘rat run’ traffic.

Traffic from the East (Maidstone, Tudeley, Paddock Wood, etc) traveling on the Colt’s Hill Bypass would have 3 choices –

(1)  Toward Kipping’s Cross for Hastings, Rye, Eastbourne, Lewes, East Grinstead, Crowborough,  Tunbridge Wells (south and west), …..
…………Without the Maidstone Road link road Matfield would be rat-run for A21/Kipping’s Cross traffic.
(2)  Toward Longfield Road for the Industrial and Retail parks, Cinema & Leisure complex,  Tonbridge,  Sevenoaks , M25, and London.
…………Without the Longfield Road link road  Woodsgate Corner (A264/A228) at Pembury would suffer even greater congestion.
(3)  Toward Pembury (A228) for Pembury, the hospital, central Tunbridge Wells and local destinations.

Above – This is the infrastructure Tunbridge Wells, Pembury, Tudeley and Paddock Wood needs for the 21st Century.


Above: a slight variation on the previous map with changes to the junctions between the Colt’s Hill Bypass and the Longfield Road link.

Note that none of this accommodates existing buildings or topographical obstructions – it is just an exercise in considering possible routes.





Chronology of Local Plan business

Oct 2019 Creation of early bypass maps
Nov 2019 Creation of Local Plan web page for Pembury Society web site
Dec  2019 Refinement of bypass maps
Jan 2020 Pembury Society Committee notified of the new maps and text for approval.



Page compiled by Tony Nicholls