Proposed Protest Rally on Saturday 31st August

Meeting Tesco Roundabout,   Pembury Road,   10am.



 Protest Rally on Friday 2nd August

Meeting Tesco Roundabout, Pembury Road, 5pm.


Protest Rally on Saturday 20th July

Meeting at the Camden Arms at 11am.

Protest Rally on Thursday 25th July

between 5.00 and 6.00pm at the Tesco entrance roundabout on Pembury Road.


Protest Rally on Wednesday 17th July

between 5.00 and 6.30pm at the Tesco entrance roundabout on Pembury Road.

HENDY PROTEST 5 from David Doré on Vimeo.


Protest Rally on Wednesday 10th July

between 5.00 and 6.30pm at the Tesco entrance roundabout on Pembury Road.


Protest Rally on Pembury Road near Tesco

Thursday 4th July    5pm

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Video – Hendy Protest 3 from David Doré on Vimeo.

Protest Rally outside Tunbridge Wells Town Hall

 17th June    5pm

Say no to Hendy from David Doré on Vimeo.



Protest Rally on Pembury Village Green

Saturday 1st June  11.00am

Speakers include:
Rick Bayles (Green Party): Rick will cover ecological problems including air pollution.
Paul Barrington- King: (Conservative): Both Borough and County Councillor who will discuss issues relating to planning.
David Haywood: (Alliance): Ex magistrate to talk about the legal aspects relating to this application.
Sarah Clarke: Ex Chair of Pembury Parish Council, a well know figure who is passionate about Pembury.
Shelly Harris: Member of the Parish Council who will talk from their point of view.









Below – Video of the talkers

PEMBURY PROTESTS – Motor Village Protest from David Doré on Vimeo.


KMTV News     Fri 7th June

A news item showing the Pembury protest and lack of support from our MP Greg Clark


Notice from Sue Nuttall

Why are we here? Pembury:             What don’t we want? Hendy

Monday 17 June there is a full council meeting at the Town Hall. This is an extra ordinary
meeting at which the final decision will be taken on the Caverley Square proposals.
Given the importance of the decision it will be covered by the press and it usual to have
photographers present on such occasions.
I am therefore proposing that this will be an excellent time to show our opposition to the
Hendy Project.
The Council meeting is scheduled to start at 6.30pm, but they have a sneaky habit of
calling a briefing beforehand, which would start at 5.30pm to avoid any protesters.
Many people who are working or have young children will find it hard to attend, but I urge
to try and do so, we need to show that we will keep going.
If possible wear something green and try and bring a placard to grab attention. I suggest
we meet outside the Assembly Hall from 5pm. There are three entrances, the main one
with the steps and two side entrances. We will need to have a presence at all three, but
the main one will be the steps at the Town Hall .
We must under no circumstances block or hinder people trying to get into the building.

If you are planning to come along or have questions please email me:    or    call  07973 273244

Looking forward to seeing you there.
This web site will be constantly updated with news and important dates.


No to Hendy

Following the Rally on the village green we are continuing the campaign with a further Rally outside the town hall from 4pm, Monday 17 June. This will continue until 6.30pm.

The reason for choosing this date and time is because there is a full council meeting to decide the fate of the Calverley Square project ie the new council offices and the theatre.

It is anticipated that Alliance will be there in force, as should the press.

We have had support from people who work at the hospital, who will have an even more difficult journey to work. Many people from the village are also coming along as well as support from the Parish Council. I have not as yet heard from the schools.We will have representation from St Peter’s Church.

If you are attending please try and wear something green and bring along a banner.

The Rally will be going on until 6.30 so come along when you can between 4pm and 6.30pm



Pembury Matters – a Facebook page also highlighting local planning concerns-
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