Objections List

This page provides links to the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s list of documents and comments to the Hendy Development.
At various times the TWBC web page was copied and a screenshot made of the list of comments (mostly neighbour objections).
This exercise was triggered by an observation on Thursday 30 May when the count was 379 and the most recent addition was from KCC Highways. A short while later the KCC entry disappeared and the overall count reduced.

The web page copied is here –


The copied lists are only lists of names – not addresses or the submitted comments.
The list is to enable contributors to check that their comment has been registered – many have not!
Each list is lengthy, so they have not been displayed here on one long page.
Each list can be selected for viewing via the links below.
These lists are visual images, not text lists, so you will not be able to search them as in “Find” or “Find in this Page”.
They are long, skinny lists so your browser may show them compressed vertically. Use your “+” Zoom to restore size.

Within each list is a date against a name. The date indicates when TWBC allowed this comment to be published.
The date does not reflect the far earlier date that the comment was submitted to TWBC.

Please note the numbers indicate the number of registered ‘Comments’.  They are not all objections – most are, but not all.

See ” Neighbour Comments ”  in “Document Type” for residents’ reactions.



Date and Time of List Capture . Number of ‘Comments’
Sept 21  6.00pm   (partial list) 621
Aug 20  8.00am   (partial list) 610
Aug 6     6.00pm (partial list) 606
Aug 5     6.00pm (partial list) 601
July 28     7.00pm  (partial list) 599
July 22    11.00pm  (partial list) 592
July 18    9.45pm   (partial list) 590
July 16    6.05pm   (partial list) 589
July 11    5.00pm   (partial list) 585
July 8      9.00pm   (partial list) 582
July 1      4.45pm 579
….  June 30 no change 577
June 21  10.30pm                       577
June 19   5.30pm 560
June 17   5.00pm 550
June 15   5.30pm 547
June 13   5.40pm 538
June 12   5.45pm 494
June 11   9.20pm 491
June 10   10.30pm 477
June 10   1.45pm 460
June 6 414
May 30 382
May 29 336



Link to Pembury Parish Council objection (24 July 2019) –


KCC Highways Report (Sept 2019) –




Page compiled by Tony Nicholls

Contact by email – society@pembury.org Enter ‘Hendy’ in the Subject box.