Application Plans & Concerns

28 October 2020 Planning Application Rejected –  8 Votes to 3

This Hendy material will stay online in case there is an appeal


This web page is a focal point for displaying data relating to the Hendy development at the Tesco site in Pembury.

Hendy is a large car retailer currently in Tunbridge Wells, and the South East of England but proposing to move to Pembury.
Hendy indicate a 7 dealership ‘Motor Village’ at Pembury,  but Hendy boasts over 20 motor brands –

Ford,   Fiat,  Nissan,   Renault,  Toyota,  Suzuki,  Honda,  Hyundai,  Jaguar,   Mazda,   MG,   Dacia,   Alfa Romeo,
Lotus,   Seat,   Skoda,    Lexus,   Iveco,    Abarth,   Jeep,   Dacia,   Kia,  Land Rover

It maybe only a matter of time before the Hendy empire expands in Pembury to accommodate more than the initial  7 brands.
They announced there proposals in 2018 and the basic information is in these links –


Link to planning application –


Link to the list of objections lodged with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council –


The official planning application was submitted in April 2019 and is now being considered.

Below are (or will be) –

    • Maps of the proposed site showing the Hendy site and the shrinkage of the Tesco site.
    • Concerns about the development.
    • Details of the official Planning Application
    • Reaction to the Planning Application.
    • Photos and Videos of traffic problems near Tesco
    • Contact details of The Pembury Society should you wish to make a comment.
    • Contact details of Councils and Planning Departments should you wish to offer an objection.

The contents of this page may change by the day (or maybe the hour) depending on circumstances.

Land Registry

A request was made to Land Registry for documents related to the Tesco site.

The search indicates –

The documents confirm that Tesco remain the owners of the land. The unilateral notice records that Tesco and Hendy have an agreement for Tesco to grant Hendy a lease, the agreement being dated February 2019.
Hendy do not yet have a lease and do not own the land!

Kingstanding site in Kingstanding Way,  Longfield Road

On 25 June it was discovered that a new industrial zone is being planned for Longfield Road.

This will be a far better home for Hendy and similar industrial developments.

Please make this felt in any objections to TWBC planning department.

The Development Plot

Above: the hashed area is existing Tesco parking that falls within the new Hendy development profile (red border line).
It is uncertain who will own this piece of land and its long term use as Tesco parking.



Above:  Map and Aerial view of Hendy plot



Link to Planning Application –



(The original closing date was 24th May,  then 11 June, now until the date of the adjudication))

QUOTE REF:     19/00884/ FULL

email :       for attention of Kevin Hope

or  write to:

Kevin Hope,  Planning Officer, TWBC,  Mount Pleasant Rd, T. Wells, TN1 1RS

Important – you MUST quote the reference number  19/00884/FULL
You must also leave your name and contact details.  Anonymous objections may be ignored.
If you feel strongly about this issue please take the time to lodge an objection.


Other valuable communication links

Local Member of Parliament – Greg Clark –
Local Councillor – Paul Barrington-King –
Local Councillor – David Hayward  –
Local Councillor – David Reilly  –


Link to the list of objections lodged with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council –


Link to Pembury Parish Council web page –


Current Concerns over the Hendy Development at the Tesco Site.

The car retailer Hendy is proposing a very large, seven dealership development at the rear of the Tesco site close to the A21.   Access will be via the existing Tesco entrance in Pembury Road.    Last year Hendy’s made a presentation to the public at the Mercure Hotel in Tonbridge Road where they outlined their proposals and answered queries.The Pembury Society still has serious concerns over the impact of this development –


1              Staff Parking

Hendy propose employing around 180 staff and claim they will provide onsite parking for some of them.   This is improbable. They need land for workshops, storage and parking of stock – they do not waste valuable business space by providing free parking for workers. These staff members will be parking around Pembury where they can. Pembury already has to cope with the hospital’s overflow parking at the same end of the village.


2              Transporter Vehicles

Hendy’s made an assurance that cars would not be delivered to site on large car transporters. They would be driven individually from the Crawley area. Talking to other car dealers this claim was dismissed as laughable. The costs would be too high and car buyers would not want to see these extra 30 miles on the clock of their brand new purchase.   Large car transporters will be a new feature in and around Pembury.


3              Extra Traffic on Pembury Road

The extra traffic around the A21 junction at Tesco will have a serious impact on the already chronic Pembury road. We see the offending elements as –   staff getting to and from work, delivery of new vehicles on transporters, flow of customers for new cars, and for car servicing, delivery of parts, delivery of sundry business items and test drives around the village.   With existing complaints from ambulance drivers, the emergency services and a busy hospital A&E this only adds to the difficulty of negotiating Pembury Road.


4              Why Pembury?

We do not understand why this development is not being housed in the Dowding Way area along with all the other car dealerships. There has been a general understanding that some years ago TWBC favoured the grouping of these kind of businesses on the industrial estate – presumably to avoid disrupting residential areas. A credible alternative would be next to the Sorting Office depot at Woodgate Way/Vale Road in Tonbridge.


5              Threat to Tesco

The Hendy development will acquire a part of the existing Tesco car park, making parking for Tesco customers more difficult. At busy times, around Christmas and Bank Holidays it may force an overflow to the surrounding streets – or it may drive customers away from Tesco. This may have a long term effect on Tesco’s business and their attitude to keeping a store in Pembury.   We must bear in mind that it is Tesco that is selling a part of its land to Hendy, so it may be a part of a long term strategy to move out of Pembury!  The proposal plans show some existing Tesco parking on the Hendy development profile, leaving us unsure who owns that parcel of land and its long term use as Tesco parking.


6              Expansion of Pembury

Pembury will be getting bigger in the next few years. This is a part of the ‘Local Plan’ – the government’s pressure on all local authorities to create new housing. There will be more of us with more cars, going more slowly between home, work, shops, school, hospital …..

Pembury will be a lot busier than it is now. We will not need Hendy adding to the misery.




This email was posted to Tunbridge Wells planning on Wed 7th May  regarding a nightingale spotted on the Tesco plot.

—– Original Message —–
From: C Johnson <>
To: <>
Sent: 07/05/2019 16:40:23
Subject: FAO Kevin Hope, ref 19/00884/FULL – Red species record

Red species heard and seen on proposed development land

Dear Mr Hope,

This morning, 7th May 2019, I was lucky enough to hear and see a NIGHTINGALE (Luscinia megarhynchos) near the recycling bins to the east of the Tesco site, on land earmarked for the development of the Motor Village Car Dealership (your planning reference 19/00884/FULL).

The ecological survey carried out on the proposed development site in March of this year notes the following observations:

  1. 5.9.4  Survey Results. Only a small number of birds, including Wren Troglodytes troglodytes and Carrion Crow Corvus corone, were recorded during the Phase 1 survey. No bird species listed on Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and no bird species listed on the RSPB Red or Amber Lists of Birds of Conservation Concern were recorded.

As Nightingales are Red Listed I would be grateful if you could take my observation into consideration when reviewing the proposal for the extensive car dealership. I have an audio recording I can share with those interested in authenticating my record.

Application link:

Survey link:


C. Johnson   (address and full details provided)

CC. Kent Wildlife Trust
Sussex Wildlife Trust
RSPB Broadwater Warren
Barry Wright, BTO Birdtrack
The Pembury Society

Followup on Thur 9th May –

FYI, second record of male Nightingale singing in same spot on Tesco / Hendy proposed development site this morning, 8.15-8.30am, indicating territorial if not breeding behaviour.

Below:   Poster distributed around Pembury


Pembury Parish Council objection submitted on 24 July 2019 –


Traffic Concerns

A great deal has been said about the traffic issues in this area. Here is breakdown of traffic that stimulates this problem.

General commuter travel.
School travel – children and staff.
Tesco deliveries, customers and staff.
Notcutts Garden Centre deliveries, customers and staff.
Pembury Hospital deliveries, patients, staff and ambulances.
(Note there are major shift changes at 8.00am and 4.00pm)
Commercial deliveries from Maidstone area to Tunbridge Wells & East Grinstead area that MUST negotiate Pembury.
Commercial access to High Brooms Industrial Estate (preferred route via A264)




QUOTE REF:     19/00884/ FULL

email :       for attention of Kevin Hope

or  write to:

Kevin Hope,  Planning Officer, TWBC,  Mount Pleasant Rd, T. Wells, TN1 1RS

Important – you MUST quote the reference number  19/00884/FULL

Deadline of  11 June has been extended.

KCC Highways Report –

Mid October 2019 report of Hendy clearing Tesco land.


Pembury Matters – a Facebook page also highlighting local planning concerns-
Note that this is not a Pembury Society feature, but does reflect concerns felt by the Pembury community.

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