Membership enrolment days

Members will know that it is the time for annual membership subscriptions. The way you renew your annual membership is changing- to holding enrolment days.

In view of the diminishing loyal band of volunteer members collecting subs, and therefore their rounds becoming even larger, we now feel that it is time to change. We will now be holding a series of enrolment days, where you can renew your membership and collect your copy of the Spring Newsletter. On these days we would also welcome any new members. These will take place in the clubhouse of the Pembury Bowls Club, in the Recreation Ground, which has very kindly allowed us to use their premises. There is a car park next to the clubhouse.

We will be in the clubhouse from 10-1 on Thursday 31st March; Tuesday 5th April and Thursday 7th April. Membership costs will remain the same as last year i.e. £3 per individual or £5 per household. Mick Castle, our Membership Secretary, will be looking forward to seeing all new and existing members. Do please encourage your friends and neighbours to join.

Alternatively you can pay on the night at the Spring Meeting or put your subscription  through Mick Castle’s door at 14 Elmhurst Avenue, Pembury.

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AUTUMN MEETING AND AGM 21st October 7.45p.m.

The Speaker at this year’s Autumn Meeting of the Society will be Dr. Ian Beavis, Research Curator of the Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery. His talk entitled “A Grand Tour-early tourists in the High Weald” will take place at 7.45pm on Wednesday 21st October in St. Peter’s Upper Church. Members Free, non-members £3.

Dr Beavis is the Museum and Art Gallery’s resident collections management officer, local historian, a natural history specialist, entomologist and Tunbridge Ware expert.

Historic Pembury Map

The new “Historic Pembury” Map will be unveiled at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday 26th September. This will take place on the edge of the Village Green opposite the front entrance to the Camden Arms. The 900mm x 600mm map was the idea of Richard Snow and the wording/artwork has been kindly put together by Kathryn Franklin, Gillie Norman, David Jeffery and Pam Oxley.

The zinc map will be unveiled by June Crowhurst, Chairman of the Parish Council and David Hanes, Chairman of the Pembury Society.

The funding for the map, made by Photocast Products of Liverpool, has been kindly sponsored by the Parish Council and Pembury Society funds. The brick base has been kindly donated and built by Lesters Building Contractors of Tunbridge Wells. Everyone is most welcome to attend the unveiling.

Spring Meeting – 22 April 2015

On Wednesday 22nd April 7.45pm, the Society holds its Spring Meeting, to be held at St. Peter’s Upper Church, when the guest speaker is Dr Bob Bowes, Chairman of the NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in our area.

He will be sharing with us how the NHS works in our area, the various facilities and services on offer, how they interact, and what we should expect as prospective patients. Also how cutbacks might be affecting us or how centres of excellence are being developed in our area..

There will be time for questions, so come along whether you are a member of the Pembury Society or not, and be better informed for yourself or your family. This event is part of a Health week for Pembury, culminating in a Health Fair to be held in the Surgery, the Library and the Baptist Church from 1.30-4.30 and not at St. Peter’s 25th April.

Historical Village Map

A Zinc Historical Map of the Village showing the main sites of historical interest (with line-drawings and  a write-up) is being prepared. This Pembury Society project is to have a map on the Village Green with a brick-built platform base.

The draft for the map will be on show at the Society “Question Time” and AGM on Wednesday 15th October at 7.45pm at the Upper Church. Comments on the wording and the chosen historical sites would be much appreciated by all residents of the village. Please come and have a look and share your thoughts.

Forthcoming Meetings

26th SeptemberBob Ogley, local historian, writer, broadcaster and former editor of the Sevenoaks Chronicle will be giving a talk on “Spirit of Invicta” as part of the WW1 Centenary Commemorations.

He will talk about the characters and events of the 20th Century with an early emphasis on WW1, the 10 million soldiers who went through Folkestone, the VAD Hospitals, the wounded soldiers, a few of the heroes and the poets. He will then talk about other events in that century including of course the Second World War.

This fascinating talk is free and open to everyone. It takes place on Friday 26th September at 7.45pm in St. Peter’s Upper Church. The event is being jointly organised by St. Peter’s Church and the Pembury Society. This is a special extra meeting this year.


15th October – Question Time for Pembury is back. After a couple of very successful previous events, the popular format returns to St. Peter’s Upper Church this year. The event will be held on Wednesday 15th October at 7.45pm. The panel is expected to include:

  • Cllr. Chris Hoare, Kent County Council
  • Cllr. Paul Barrington-King,  Borough Councillor
  • Councillor David Coleman, Parish Council
  • Peter Wibroe, Headteacher Pembury School
  • Dr Andrew Cameron, local G.P.


The closure of Cornford Lane is progressing to the costing stage following a meeting of the Joint Transportation Board on 28th April. The residents of Cornford Lane want it closed and they are being backed by Councillor James Scholes, who is using his discretionary members’ highways fund to progress the closure.

At the meeting Pembury Parish Councillors spoke passionately against closing the road, pointing out that it was the wider issue of growing congestion on the Pembury Road which needed to be addressed. They suggested that there should be a trial switching-off of the traffic lights on Pembury Road, to see if congestion on Cornford Lane and Halls Hole Road improved. It was also pointed out that the consultation had not reached many of the 6,500 people in Pembury.

The residents of the lane claimed that only 32 Pembury residents responded to the council’s consultation, and claimed massive support for the closure.

Because Mr Scholes is using his fund, he had the final decision, so despite heavy opposition he asked for detailed designs and costings to be made for closure. It is expected to cost around £20,000.

The closure has been opposed by Pembury’s County Councillor (Chris Hoare), our Borough Councillors, the Pembury Parish Council and the Pembury Society, but it appears that one man and a handful of households (there are only 11 houses in the Lane that are truly affected) can dictate roads policy.

The preparatory work for closure is now due to be carried out and an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) is then put into effect. It has a maximum life of 18 months after which it must be made permanent or abandoned. An ETRO has a minimum life of 6 months after which objections can be raised. Should there be more than five objections, then the Joint Transport Board will consider them. The County Member then decides whether to convert to a Permanent Traffic Regulation Order.

It was also agreed that Cornford Lane should be considered as part of the Tunbridge Wells Transport Strategy which is now in preparation.

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