Application Refused

The Application for the Hendy Motor Village was refused by the TWBC Planning Committee by 8 votes to 3 in a 4 hour debate. Kathryn Franklin reported for the Pembury Society, together with the Chair of the Parish Council, our Borough Council/Kent County Council representatives, and others including Sarah Clarke and Shelley Harris.

It is now likely that there will be an Appeal, but in the meantime Sue Nuttall’s e-petition is being kept open so that everyone can continue to show their support against this Application.

Stop Hendy’s In Pembury E-Petition

TWBC Planning Committee will discuss Hendy’s Application for the Motor Village at Tesco on 28th October. The meeting starts at 10.30am.

The recommendation is to approve the Application. A petition has been started on line to aim for 1000 signatures so that it would have to be considered by the whole Borough Council, including those from Pembury.

The Link for the Petition can be found at or on Pembury Matters Facebook group.

Please sign and spread the word! The petition needs to be completed as soon as possible to be considered.

Spring Meeting 2020 – Cancelled

The Committee have decided to cancel the forthcoming Spring Meeting of the Pembury Society, which was due to have been held on Wednesday April 22nd in St. Peter’s Upper Church.

We hope that we might be able to rebook Stephen Baughen, Head of Planning at TWBC who was due to talk about Pembury and the Local Plan.

We hope to see you at the Autumn Meeting which is due to be held on October 21st at the same venue at 7.45pm.

Hendy Development

People should know that the May 24th published deadline is not final and the TWBC have stated that comments can still be submitted up to the Planning Meeting date, which is as yet undecided.

We would urge everyone to send in their comments as soon as possible as we need everyone in the area on board if we are to prevent this development. For full details please click on the Hendy Development tab on this website.

STOP PRESS that there will a public meeting on the Village Green at 11.00 on Saturday June 1st. Speakers will address the issues and all are invited to attend. Further details from Richard Snow, Publicity Officer.