Archaeology on the village green

A year or so ago a few members of The Pembury Society were discussing the village green and the blacksmith’s workshop that occupied the top part of the green.

There are quite a few old maps and pictures that show a variety of buildings on the green during the 1800s and through to the 1920s. Adjacent to the blacksmith’s workshop was his furnace, a row of houses and a primitive fire station.

There was also a wheelwright nearby, but we are not quite sure of its location. Some maps show two ‘Smithy’s close to the junction of the High Street and Lower Green Road, and some writings refer to a wheelwright in that area, so the jury is still out on the precise nature and location of these cottage industries.

The discussion eventually led to the possibility of getting some archaeological help to investigate the village green. Pembury Parish Council, the owners of the land, granted permission for a limited examination under the supervision of The Pembury Society.

We then invited the Southborough & High Brooms Archaeological Society to come to Pembury to conduct a few surveys. This they did. On the 8th, 22nd and 29th October a team of six spent many hours doing systematic scans of a portion of the green adjacent to the old smithy’s workshop and house, unearthing all sorts of finds.

The full story of this project can be viewed on the Pembury History web site along with ongoing progress reports.

The Pembury Society, with permission from the Parish Council, hopes to promote similar surveys and searches in 2018.

The Southborough and High Brooms Amateur Archaeology Society visited Pembury Green on 3 occasions in 2017










  More to follow when search results become available

 The Pembury Society and the Pembury Parish Council wish to thank all those helping with the project.

    Southborough and High Brooms Amateur Archaeology Society  –

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