Donated Photographs – People & Families

The images on this page have been donated by visitors to this web site.

This page is for old photos of Pembury not seen in other publications nor
generally available for public viewing.    Most are from private or family collections.
This should be the only place they are displayed on the internet.

Every photo on this page has a P***  number for future reference.


William Hills     Butcher & Grazier       23a High Street            Donated by Ken Isaac               P001


JillHickmott-3862-800Employees of Pembury Garage 1928      Alfred George Thomas on left, others unknown.
Donated by Jill Hickmott    (Daughter of Alfred George Thomas)                P002


JillHickmott-3864-800Alfred George Thomas driving a 1914 Fiat Taxi outside the Pembury Garage in 1928.
House in background is on the corner of Hastings Road & Belfield Road, across from the garage.
Donated by Jill Hickmott    (Daughter of Alfred George Thomas)                P003



4013 - Pembury Bikers-800 Pembury Bikers  c1929                     Donated by Jill Hickmot                             P004


4010 - George Gadsden-800 George Gadsden   outside  11 The Mount   1935              Donated by Jill Hickmott                     P005


4015 -Roy and George Gadsen - 800George Gadsden (Postman)  and   Roy Gadsden (outside 11 The Mount) c1926     Donated by Jill Hickmott      P006


4016 - Gadsden Family-800The Gadsden Family 1917 (George, Elsie with children Roy & Lilian)         Donated by Jill Hickmott          P007
George & Elsie Gadsden are grandparents of Jill Hickmott


Pembury School  c1925   P008
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Fete  c1920s             P009
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Fete – unknown location  (Arthur Cole  front left)               P010
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Pembury Flower Show & Sports   1926  (Violet Cole 3rd from left)               P011
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Pembury Infants                     P012
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Pembury School     c1952              P013
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Pembury School late 1920s  (Joan Cole, back row, end right)         P014
Donated by Melvyn Cole


Pembury School   1912         P015
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Pembury School  1954  (Melvyn Cole – far left)      P016
Donated by Melvyn Cole



Pippins Farm  c1943                  P017
Donated by Melvyn Cole



‘Pop the Postie’       P018
Donated by Melvyn Cole


The Grove   VE Day street party  1945                P019
Donated by Melvyn Cole


The Young Family                       P020
Donated by Melvyn Cole



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