Old Maps of Pembury - 1660-1720

We would like to thank Tony Nicholls for his help in setting up this page.
Before you look at the maps I suggest you read Tony Nicholls background article on Historical Maps.

Old Maps Showing Pembury

The following files are maps scanned in by Tony Nicholls.

Pembury Maps – General Maps – 1660-1720

These are sections of much larger maps, mostly of the county of Kent.   Click image for enlarged detail.


Title Map – Click to enlarge
Garrett C1680
Robert Morden C1695 – note the spelling amendment. Originally entered as “Pembury”, considered an error, and amended.
Several editions from 1695 to 1772
Richard Blome C1720. Nothing new on Blome’s maps – he stole from all earlier publications.


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