Romford and its approaches.  An ancient hamlet on the extremity of Pembury.  These maps may be of use to anyone trying to locate buildings and landmarks mentioned in various articles.

Above Romford from the Tithe map of 1840     (orientation: North to top right)

Above Romford from the Tithe map of 1840           (orientation: North to top right)


702-1892-Romford-850-1Above      1892 – 1905 map centred on Romford


701-1892-Romford-850-2Above      1892 – 1905 map west of Romford at junction with Woodside.


704-1892-Romford-850-4Above      1892 – 1905 map     Romford Road from Lower Green to junction with Woodside.


703-1892-Romford-850-3Above      1892 – 1905   Woodside from Romford to Bopeep.

Woodside Road was known as Workhouse Lane from the days when Stanton House was a workhouse.





Tony Nicholls   2016