Pembury War Memorial


The War Memorial in Hastings Road was unveiled and dedicated on Sunday 25 September 1921 by Rev. H. Sinclair Brooke, MA (Vicar of Pembury 1898-1918). He would have known many of those who gave their lives in WW1. The site was given by the Marquis Camden, and the Portland Stone Memorial stands 16 ft high, and cost £365 19/4d, which apparently took quite a long time to raise. It was designed by well-known local architects Ashley S. Kilby and the work was executed by Messrs. Burslem and Sons of Tunbridge Wells. The Service (programme in Pembury Library) included the Last Post and Reveille and the National Anthem at the end of the Service. The Roll of Honour was read by Mr. C.R. Bosanquet.

The WW1 names were originally engraved on a stone plaque. After WW2, when a second plaque was needed, it was decided to have two matching bronze plaques- one to go over the top of the existing stone one, and a new one underneath for the names from WW2. A report in the Kent & Sussex Courier on 13th July 1945 states that at the Parish Council Meeting Mr. H. Parkes “drew attention to the disgusting state of the present memorial, declaring that they all ought to be ashamed of themselves”.

In 2018 the Parish Council, who own the Memorial agreed to an Appeal to raise money to refurbish the Memorial. The bronze plaques were very tarnished, and Richard Snow discovered that 8 of the names were misspelt. In addition the Council had been approached to add Jim Woodhams to the list of those who died in WW1.

The misspelt names –

Albert Mc’Queen ( should be McQueen.)

Albert and Thomas Penticost (should be Pentecost)

Sydney Ratcliffe (should be Sidney)

Edward Crossley (should be Edmund)

William Parks (should be Parkes)

John Philbeam (should be Pilbeam).

Douglas Mac-Dougall (should be MacDougall)

Jim H. Woodhams (WW1) is being added.



The refurbishing is due to be carried out by Burslems. The work will include taking off the existing plaques, engraving new stone plaques and replacing them on the War Memorial. The stone around will be re-pointed and the Memorial cleaned. The money to allow this to be undertaken has been generously given by Council grants (County and Parish), The Pembury Society, businesses and individuals including relatives.

It is hoped that the “refurbished” War Memorial can be unveiled on Remembrance Sunday – 11.11.18, which also marks the end of the last year of the Centenary of WW1. This year’s Remembrance Sunday service and unveiling will all take place around the War Memorial. Further plans will appear in local media nearer the time.

Please contact Richard Snow on 01892 825428 for further details.


The original Memorial




The original Memorial


Above & Below –  Metal name plates added to the memorial for amendments and corrections.

Photos by Richard Snow






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