This page provides a list of the old houses in Pembury. It is a work in progress and is not complete – may never be complete.
Its purpose is to document basic parameters such as names, dates, building changes and possibly owners/residents.
Anyone researching or reading about Pembury will come across an assortment of house names with no address nor indication of location.  Many contemporary writings just refer to ‘housename‘, Pembury as if that is sufficient.
In many cases the same house will go through a number of name changes based on the whims of the resident or owner.
Sometimes there are two houses with the same name – usually different date & different era.
There may be houses listed here that are outside Pembury but have got included in Pembury listings.
This page hopes to make the understanding of house names a lot easier.
Where there is a detailed description of a house on another part of this web site you will be pointed in that direction (hopefully!).

Be aware of the distinction in listings between Lower Green and Lower Green Road. One is a broad area encompassing Lower Gr Rd, Romford Rd & Henwood Gn Rd – the other just the road.  Lower Green is taken directly from a directory listing and does not specify the address.  See Ryecroft as an example.  Locations below reflect how they are expressed in many published listings.

Directory searches have not gone beyond 1940.  By this time house numbers had become quite common.
Some entries have dates to indicate the year of the directory entry. As an example –
_____Acacia Villa was discovered in a 1931 directory and with no recollection of having seen it in an early directory.

Although it was a legal requirement from the 18th century for town houses to be numbered this was pretty much ignored in rural areas.
Even into the 20th century the post was delivered by local folk who knew every house and every resident.
From very early times the numbering convention was odds to the left, evens to the right, count starting from the town centre outward.
In Pembury this is noticeable when observing the roads radiating from the village green.


List of Houses in Pembury by old housename.   (modern houses excluded)
Acacia Villa    49, 51, 53 Hastings Rd   (1931)
Almshouse (The)     9-19 Hastings Rd
Alpine Cottages,  Lower Green Rd  (demolished 1929)
Altnabreac     (1927)
Ardres    (1927)

Aymestry,  High St   (Charles Raisewell 1927)
Arnold Lodge,   Lower Green        (Detail Entry No16 below)
Ashburnham Cottage – Pound Cottage – 2 Lower Green Road ?
Ashcroft     38 Lower Green Rd
Ashdown  Lower Green Rd   (1931)
Baileys,  Baileys Farmhouse or Bayleys    44-46 Henwood Green Road
Beech Bank  (Beech House?)   54 Hastings Rd.
Beverley   117 Hastings Rd.
Blackhurst  (1878)
Bo Peep Cottages (demolished) (4 dwellings)  ?? Hastings Rd    Somewhere near Bo-Peep corner
Bo Peep  (Stores, House)   153 Hastings Rd    see Retail & Shops/Hastings Rd page
Brackenhurst –  see Dower House   (Detail Entry No7 below)     (This is NOT ‘Brackenhurst’ in Lower Gn Rd)
Brewood  (1927)
Brick Cottage –  see Queens Folly    (Detail Entry No10 below)
Broomhill     Romford Rd  (1934)
Calder Cottage      – 110 Henwood Green Rd    (Detail Entry No15 below)
Calverley Grange   (1878)
Camden Lodge  (1898)
Casa Matcoda, Aberdare, The Warren  (3 bungalows)  ?????
Chestnuts (The)     Village Green – residential part of wheelwright’s shop Demolished.
Chalfont   31 & 33 Romford Road  when “Scattered Home” a boys home for 20 boys  (1927) (Detail Entry No19 below)
Chapel Cottage,    (adjacent to and belonging to Baptist Church)
Chapel House   (Possibly the same as Chapel Cottage)
Chapel Villas   between 57 & 67 Hastings Rd
Chippings,     61 Lower Green Road.    (Detail Entry No13 below)
Church House – see Postillions  (Detail Entry No4 below)
Clarence Cottage   4 High St       Old Post Office / Nat West Bank / Nanna’s Cafe
Colebrook Park     (1886)
Collingham      85 Hastings Rd     Home of James Seymour, professional cricketer 1911/18
Cottage (The)   Lower Green    70 Lower Green Road.
Curblows – Curbow Villas    see Queens Folly    (Detail Entry No10 below)
Dairy (The)     115 Hastings Rd
Darley Dale   ?? Hastings Road    Possibly between 153 – 125 Hastings Rd.
Dell  (The)  Henwood Green Rd.  (1933)
Devoran     Romford Rd.   Re-named Tanglewood.      See Item 012 on Snippets & Scraps page.
Dingledon   111 Hastings Rd
Dunedin   (1903)    8 Hastings Road (1907)  Opposite Old Wesleyan Church, Hastings Rd.
Dumfries   (1903)
Ebenezer Cottages,     Lower Green Rd/Church Rd.
Fairfield       Poss 6 Hastings Rd.
Field View     109 Hastings Rd.
Forresters (The)     Romford Rd.    Forresters Arms public house.  See Pubs & Beerhouses retail page.
Frampton    (1916)
Gates House (The)   5 Lower Green Road –  see Sunnyside.
Gimble Grove, Gimble house
Glebe House     (demolished)
Goddens Cottages     possibly Lower Green Rd – near the green
Greenways    (1916)
Grelfry Cottages   4,6, 8 Lower Green Road   (1939)
Greenways  81 Hastings Rd
Grovecott or Grove Cottage   53 High Street   also known as the Square Deal Cafe  (Detail Entry No11 below)
Grovehurst Lodge
Harcourt House,  Harcourt Lodge, York House   1 Hastings Rd
Harlon or Harlyon  Lower Green Rd   (1931)        Harlyon  1934
Harriet Cottages   61/63/65 Hastings Rd
Harriett Villas   67/69 Hastings Rd.
Haven (The)       Lower Green Rd.  (1931)
Hawkwell Place    ( Hawkwell House ?)
Hawkwell House  (apartments – 1919   Mrs Elizabeth Dew)
Hawkwood House     (1934)
Hayeswood  (or Hays Wood) at Three Towns, Romford Rd.
Hazeldene   Romford Road.    (AKA The Priory)      (Detail Entry No20 below)
Heatherton –  between 32 – 46 High Street.  Also known as  & The Larches   (Detail Entry No9 below)
Highfield House   31 Hastings Road.   Also known as Waterloo Inn   (Detail Entry No5 below)
Hillcroft   (1916)
Hill View   12 – 22 Hastings Rd.
Holly Bank,    52 Hastings Rd.
Homefield    (1938)  Lower Green Road.  Demolished for new housing now accessed via Henwood Green Rd.
Hubbles (Hubbles Farm ?)    30 Hastings Rd.
Hygea Cottage  (1855)   Lower Green Road – near the green
Ingleton, Sweeps Hill Close.     (Detail Entry No12 below)
Inverclyde  83 Hastings Rd
Kenilworth,     79 Hastings Road – also one in Amberleaze Drive 1961
Kenmore, Lower Green Rd   (1955 location of Dr D. Waterfield’s surgery)
Kenwards      (Detail Entry No18 below)
Keymer   (1927)
Knowles Bank
Knights Place   (Now converted to flats – Lower Green Road)                Link to full page
Knights Ridge,  Lower Green Rd  (demolished)
Larches –  between 32 – 46 High Street.    (Detail Entry No9 below)
Laurelhurst, (or Laurel Hurst) Lower Gn      Laurelhurst  1897     17 Romford Road
Little Harcourt     ?? Hastings Rd
Little Stanton     Romfornd Rd.
Lillescot,  Lillescote   110 Henwood Green Rd,    (Detail Entry No15 below)
Limes (The)   Lower Gn.
Lodge (The)  7 Lower Green Road     (Detail Entry No3 below)
Lodge (The)   Church Rd               (1982 PVN)
Lonsdale     35 Romford Road
Manchester House  –   see Postillions  (Detail Entry No4 below)
Manor House (The) – 3 Lower Green Rd    (Detail Entry No1 below)
Manse (The)       Adjacent Baptist Church, Lower Gn Rd.
Maple Hurst    (1919)    Maplehurst  (1927)
Marshley harbour    (1919)
Meadowlands, High St   (1927)
Mendip    Romford Rd  (1955)
Milliners   ????? Hastings Rd ???
Montrose (1), Henwood Green Rd. renamed Ormand when Sturgeons moved to Montrose (2) (see Sturgeon family history)
Montrose (2),  47-49 Henwood Green Rd.    next to Sturgeon premises  (see Sturgeon family history)
Moorcot,  Romford Rd  (1937)
Mulbury House,  Hastings Rd    (1937 – 1948)
Mullberry House  1,3 Hastings Road   (1939)  (now York House)
Myrtle Cottage,    Henwood Green Road/Romford Road.    (Detail Entry No14 below)
Nortons  (1927)
Oakdene Villas  55, 57  Hastings Rd
Oak Cottage,  Romford   (1931)
Oak Lodge, Lower Gn. Now in Henwood Green Roaf, but before Polley Close access from Lower Green Rd.
Old Place (The)     – 110 Henwood Green Rd,    (Detail Entry No15 below)
Orchard Cottage,  Henwood Green Rd. (see Sturgeon family history)
Ormond,  Henwood Green Rd.    Formally Montrose (1)  (see Sturgeon family history)
Pembury Cottage     between 32 – 46 High Street.    (Detail Entry No9 below)
Pembury End
Pembury Grange , Sandown Park, TW.          Ed Gilbert Article
Pembury Hall,  Old Church Road.
Pembury Terrace   –  Lower Green Road – see notes on Sunnyside –
Pendryl   (1927)
Penville  (1927)
Pitts Farm     Henwood Green Rd, opposite Baileys   (1933 Bungalow)   (1948 House)
Poppingbury    75 Hastings Road.     (Detail Entry No6 below)
Poplars (The)  35 High St
Postillions   2 Hastings Road               (Detail Entry No4 below)
Pound Cottage  2 Lower Green Rd.  (was Ashburnham)
Priory (The)   see Hazeldene     (Detail Entry No20 below)
Providence Place  ?? Hastings Rd  (demolished)  (10 dwellings)   Somewhere near Bo-Peep corner.
Prospect Villa      – 110 Henwood Green Rd    (Detail Entry No15 below)
Pump House    23 Romford Road
Queens Folly Lower Green Rd (was Curblows)   (Detail Entry No10 below)
Red Cottage   (possibly Chapel Cottage)
Redwall Villa    (probably 26-28 Hastings Rd.)
Ridge (The)
Rumford House         (Revd Woodgate 1878)
Ryecroft,    Lower Gn.      37 Romford Road
School House (The)
Sheen   123-125 Hastings Road     (Detail Entry No17 below)  
Skinners Farm  – what is now Myrtle Cottage
Solopia,  Lower Green   (1931)
Spring Cottage  (1855)   Lower Green Road – near the green
Spring Grove   (1855)
Springfield    35 (with 37)  Hastings Rd.
Stanley Cottage,    High St.     (1913 /19  J.P. Austin   Vet)
Stanmore Villa  (1879)
Stantone  (Melville’s 1858 for  Bonner & Shaw))  may be a spelling error!
Stanton House & Little Stanton           (Romford Rd)
Stone Court
St David’s       Romford Rd  (1907)
St Michaels    121 Hastings Rd
Stratford House Sandown Park area – not Pembury.
Strathbogie –  see Dower House      (Detail Entry No7 below)
Stone Court  (demolished)
Sunhill –  between 32 – 46 High Street.  Also know as Heatherton & The Larches   (Detail Entry No9 below)
Sunnyside –  5 Lower Green Rd  see The Gates House     (Detail Entry No2 below)
Swiss Cottage    124 Henwood Green Rd.    See Pubs & Beerhouses retail page.
Tenville       (1913)
Terrace (The)  –  see Pembury Terrace
Trohork Cottage
Thornfield   Sandown Park – not Pembury
Valeside       41 Romford Road
Vermont             (Hastings Road – near Belfield Road)
Vicarage (The)     4 Hastings Rd.   (PVN No 27  1981  Village Organisations)
Vicarage (The)     Lower Green Rd    (1892  OS map)
Waltham Villa     (1916)
Waterloo Cottage      110 Henwood Green Rd,    (Detail Entry No15 below)
Waterloo Inn  –   see Highfield House.  See  Pubs & Beerhouses retail page.
Wayland House,  High St
Wayside,  Lower Green  (1927)
Weald View   119 Hastings Rd
Willmotts   – see Postillions  (Detail Entry No4 below)
Woodland Terrace   103-113 Hastings Rd    or  101-107 Hastings Rd.  (109 Hastings Rd was 5 Woodland Terrace)
Woodland Villas      91-97 Hastings Rd
Woodsgate      Woodsgate corner – demolished
Woodside    Romford Road    (as an address it may be indicating Woodside Rd)

Note 1 – Houses   Camden Lodge,  Jawmadon,  Albany Villa,  Fairlight House, ?…do Flat,  Pembury Garage Flat and Rosemott   are between 52 & 30 Hastings Rd on a 1931 property listing.

Note 2 – Houses   Saythorne, Shirley Dene, Meadow View, Annswell,  Shere Cottage,  Lincoln are between 153 &  123 Hastings Rd on a 1931 property listing.

Note 3 – Houses – Corlacturn,  Wrest,  Meadowside,  are between 97 & 54 Hastings Rd on a 1931 property listing.

Note 4 – Houses  Casa Matcoda,  Aberdare, The Warren (3 bungalows ?) are between 19 & 31 Hastings Rd on a 1931 property listing.


  The main Lower Green page has a house identification map –   Lower Green Page

The references page shows old Pembury Telephone numbers –  Reference Page

Entry No

House Details

1 The Manor House – 3 Lower Green Road.
F.E. Burke 1886 (Ky)    Mrs Purnell  1903  (Ky) 
2 The Gates House – 5 Lower Green Road.    Known as Sunnyside in the 1800s
Former distiller, solicitor, translater John Thomas Betts (1809-1894) lived at Sunnyside from 1871-1894  (EG)
Mrs Betts (died 1916)  1898, 1903, 1911,  1916 [also 1919!]  (Ky).
Betts was partner in Peto & Betts – building and railway contractors. (MS)Link to page with greater details –  5 Lower Green Road
3 The Lodge – 7 Lower Green Road.
Henry Dittmer  1892  (Ky)   Revd RFW Molesworth  1903 (Kellys)   A.H. Onffroy  1911 (Ky)
Mr Ditmar’s School for Sons of Gentlemen. (MS)
4 Postillions – 2 Hastings Road  also known as Church House, Manchester House, Willmotts.
See entry under Buildings and Landmarks.
5 Highfield House   31 Hastings Road.   Also known as Waterloo Inn – see Pubs & Beerhouses under Shops & Retail.
6 Poppingbury    75 Hastings Road.  Rumoured to be one of the oldest houses in Pembury

7 Dower House  Tonbridge Road.  Also known as Brackenstone, Strathbogie and various chains of hotels.
See entry under Buildings & Landmarks
8 Wayland House   20 High Street
9 Sunhill –  between 32 – 46 High Street.  Also know as Heatherton, Pembury Cottage & The Larches
See entry under Buildings & Landmarks
10 Queens Folly   Lower Green Road/Beagles Wood Road. c1626.  Also known as Curbelows and Brick Cottage (MS)
11 Grovecott or Grove Cottage   53 High Street   also known as the Square Deal Cafe – see Shops & Retail.
Demolished for the development of Sycamore Cottages.
12 Ingleton, Sweeps Hill Close.  House demolished in 1973 to make way for the development of Sweeps Hill Close.  (MS)
13 The Chippings, 61 Lower Green Road.            Listed Buildings                        Historic England
14 Myrtle Cottage, Henwood Green Road/Romford Road.   Once known as Skinners Farm.  Home to the Jarvis family – coal, coke & wood merchants.  (MS)


110 Henwood Green Road.
………Also known as Waterloo Cottage, Prospect Villa, Calder Cottage, Lillescote / Lilliscote, Old Place.

  • 1841 Tithe map, called ‘Little Field’ owned by William HARTRIDGE, occupied by Thomas FRY
  • c 1851 to 1870 – Waterloo Cottage, lived in by William & Elizabeth HOSKIN
  • c 1870 to 1886 – Waterloo Cottage & Prospect Villa, Henwood Green Road, lived in by Sarah BAKER
  • 1886 to 1889 – Prospect Villa, lived in by Mrs Morse.
  • 1891 to 1895 – Prospect Villa, lived in by Arthur & Lavinia JENNINGS
  • 1898 to 1904 – Calder Cottage, lived in by Harriette HAWTREY-HICKS
  • 1906 to 1907 – Calder Cottage, lived in by Ernest POOLE
  • 1911 – Calder Cottage, lived in by Arthur WILKINSON
  • 1912 to 1929 – Lillescote, William & Elizabeth COLLINS
  • 1931 to 1949 – Lilliscote (spelling change), lived in by Roy & Hilde G FARRANT
  • 1950 to 1954 – Old Place, lived in by Constance Marian CHANDOS-POLE
  • 1955 to 1959 – Old Place, Lived in by Katharine Auriol YOUNG
  • 1959 to 1977– Old Place, 110 Henwood Green Road, lived in by Captain Gabriel John MEADE-WALDO-VAN
  • 1975 to 1990 – Still researching, N. GORDON
  • 1991 – Berkeley Close was created.
  • 1991 to 2005 – Salah & Siobhan SHALLABY
  • 2005 to 2014 – Amanda HOBROW
  • 2014 to Present Day (2021) – The BEVIERE’S

Research data and chronology list provided by Jennifer Beviere, March 2021 (with Jane Grooms)


16 Arnold Lodge – Lower Green –  Exact location unknown.

PO Directory 1911 has Mrs Banks at Arnold Lodge with phone No 31.
Kelly’s for 1911 has a Miss Chipperfield at Arnold Lodge.
Kelly’s for 1912 has a Mrs Banks at Arnold Lodge.
Kelly’s for 1913 has a Ralph Winder at Arnold Lodge.
Kelly’s for 1914 has a Ralph Humphrey Winder at Arnold Lodge.

Research data and chronology list provided by Jennifer Beviere, Jane Grooms, Tony Nicholls    Sept 2020

17 Sheen  (not referred to as Sheen House), 123 Hastings Road

Used by GP Dr Dorrit Waterfield and dentist Reginald Warrener as surgeries in the 1930s – 1940s
Location in Hastings Road was unknown for many years.  Until 2021.

Robin Kenworthy identified it positively as 123-125 Hastings Road and has clear memories.
125, door to the left, was a private upstairs apartment.
123, door to the right, was the entrance to the surgery.  The front room was the waiting room.
(Yes, these numbers are back to front and defy the order of street numbers in Hastings Rd).
There were two rooms at the back – one for the doctor and one for the dentist.
On the front of the building was a cupboard/box where the chemist would leave medicines.
Barry Sturgeon remembers the rear basement (accessed from Stanam Rd) used as a wartime air-raid shelter.

See  item 22 on this page for history of dental surgery in Hastings Rd.

18 Kenwards – farm at the very north of Pembury in Dislingbury Rd / Half Moon Rd.

         Timeline  by Jeni Beviere

19 Chalfont  31 & 33 Romford Road  when “Scattered Home” a boys home for 20 boys

1911  The Walshe family in residence  – from 1911 census.
1912  Report in The Courier of intention to create a boys home in Pembury.
From c1912 known as Tonbridge Union Boys Home (20 boys) –  an annexe of the Tonbridge Workhouse.
1913 Newspaper cutting makes note of a doctor wanting more pay for visiting this boys home.
From c1916 known as Tonbridge Union Scattered Homes.
From c1924 also known as Scattered Homes or Scattered Homes for Boys.
Last known listing was in 1937.
House to become two residential dwellings.

20 Hazeldene – The Priory    Romford Road
More details to follow

1840   Building shown on Tithe Map
1868   The Priory
1886   Hazeldene
1927   The Priory
20xx   Hazeldene.

Detailed information on the Hazeldene / Priory page

21 Downingbury   Maidstone Rd        Timeline & History by Jeni Beviere
  The main Lower Green page has a house identification map –   Lower Green Page


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