This page provides a list of the old houses in Pembury. It is a work in progress and is not complete – may never be complete.
Its purpose is to document basic parameters such as names, dates, building changes and possibly owners/residents.
Anyone researching or reading about Pembury will come across an assortment of house names with no address nor indication of location.  Many contemporary writings just refer to ‘housename‘, Pembury as if that is sufficient.
In many cases the same house will go through a number of name changes based on the whims of the resident or owner.
This page hopes to make the understanding of house names a lot easier.
The table below is not ordered in any way – it cannot be alphabetic because of the chaos of different names for the same house.
Until a sensible approach is suggested the list will be by order of entry into the table.

Where there is a detailed description of a house on another part of this web site you will be pointed in that direction.

The last row of the table contains house names yet to be investigated.


Entry No


1 The Manor House – 3 Lower Green Road.
F.E. Burke 1886 (Ky)    Mrs Purnell  1903  (Ky)
2 The Gates House – 5 Lower Green Road.    Known as Sunnyside in the 1800s
Former distiller, solicitor, translater John Thomas Betts (1809-1894) lived at Sunnyside from 1871-1894  (EG)
Mrs Betts (died 1916)  1898, 1903, 1911,  1916 [also 1919!]  (Ky).
Betts was partner in Peto & Betts – building and railway contractors. (MS)Link to page with greater details –  5 Lower Green Road
3 The Lodge – 7 Lower Green Road.
Henry Dittmer  1892  (Ky)   Revd RFW Molesworth  1903 (Kellys)   A.H. Onffroy  1911 (Ky)
Mr Ditmar’s School for Sons of Gentlemen. (MS)
4 Postillions – 2 Hastings Road  also known as Church House, Manchester House, Willmotts.
See entry under Buildings and Landmarks.
5 Highfield House   31 Hastings Road.   Also known as Waterloo Inn – see Pubs & Beerhouses under Shops & Retail.
6 Poppingbury    75 Hastings Road.  Rumoured to be one of the oldest houses in Pembury
7 Dower House  Tonbridge Road.  Also known as Brackenstone, Strathbogie and various chains of hotels.
See entry under Buildings & Landmarks
8 Wayland House   20 High Street
9 Sunhill –  between 32 – 46 High Street.  Also know as Heatherton & The Larches
See entry under Buildings & Landmarks
10 Queens Folly   Lower Green Road/Beagles Wood Road. c1626.  Also known as Curbelows and Brick Cottage (MS)
11 Grovecott or Grove Cottage   53 High Street   also known as the Square Deal Cafe – see Shops & Retail.
Demolished for the development of Sycamore Cottages.
12 Ingleton, Sweeps Hill Close.  House demolished in 1973 to make way for the development of Sweeps Hill Close.  (MS)
13 The Chippings, 61 Lower Green Road.
14 Myrtle Cottage, Henwood Green Road/Romford Road.   Once known as Skinners Farm.  Home to the Jarvis family – coal, coke & wood merchants.  (MS)


110 Henwood Green Road,   also known as Lillescote / Lilliscote,   formerly known as Waterloo Cottages.

1830 – Tythe map, plot 835, owner BAKER
1840 – Tythe map, unknown / not checked
1851 – Waterloo Cottages, lived in by William & Elizabeth HOSKIN.
——♦ William, aged 60, born in Cornwall, Chelsea Pensioner
——♦ Elizabeth, aged 52, wife
1861 – Waterloo Cottages, lived in by William HOSKIN
——♦ William, aged 70
——♦ Mary Constable, aged 39, visitor, born in Brenchley
——♦ Elizabeth Joseph, aged 13, servant, born in Hartfield
1871 – Henwood Green Road, Waterloo Cottage, lived in by Sarah BAKER
——♦ Sarah, aged 69, head of house, born in Pembury
——♦ Sarah J Trift, aged 15, servant
1881 – Lower Green Henwood Green Road, lived in by Sarah BAKER
——♦ Sarah, aged 78, head of house, Farmer’s Widower
——♦ Sarah J Trift, aged 24, servant
NB: There is another Sarah BAKER, same age in Pembury who is also down as Coffee Tavern Keeper
1891 – Cannot find the house
1901 – Cannot find the house
1911 – Cannot find the house
1921 – Cannot find the house
1929 – Lillescote, William & Elizabeth COLLINS
——♦   House went up for sale in 1929 due to the death of Elizabeth 26th February
——♦   K&S paper – Freehold, detached. 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, good domestic offices, stable,
————-coach house suitable for garage, main drainage, very attractive, gardens and paddock – 1.5 acres
1939 – Lilliscote (spelling change), lived in by Roy & Hilde G FARRANT
——♦ 1939 Register
——♦ 1930 – 1939 BT Phone Books
——♦ 1941 / 1943 BT Phone Books
——♦ 1944 – House was put up for rent
——♦ 1945 – House was put up for rent
——♦ 1946 / 1948 / 1949 – BT Phone Books
NB:    Hilde Farrant’s daughter’s (Muriel) 1st marriage was in Pembury, to Jack WHITING (RAF) in 1938.
———-Muriel’s 2nd marriage was to Baron Hugh DOWDING.
———–Baroness Dowding VP RSPCA – Animal Activist
1959 to 1963– 110 Henwood Green Road, live in by Captain GJ MEADE-VALDO-VAN
——♦ Leicestershire Regiment, service number 70229.
——♦ Grandad was Edmond Meade-Waldo of Hever Castle
      —— (
1965 to 1974 – 110 Henwood Green Road, live in by Mr M C Malone
1975 to 1990 – Cannot find the house
——♦ 1976 – planning rejected detached dwelling, Harp House
——♦ July 1987 – planning withdrawn for 5 detached houses
——♦ Sept 1987 – planning refused for 4 detached houses
——♦ Feb 1988 – planning accepted for 3 detached houses
1991 – Berkley Close was created
1991 to 2005 – Salah & Siobhan SHALLABY
2005 to 2014 – Amanda HOBROW
2014 to Present Day (2020) – The BEVIERE’S

Research data and chronology list provided by Jennifer Beviere    Jan 2020

Unresolved Houses or houses awaiting entry into the table

Sheen or Sheen House – Hastings Road.
Pembury Grange
Pembury Cottage
Harcourt House,  Hastings Rd
Hawkwell Place    Hawkwell House
Prospect Villa
The Manse
Knowles Bank
Knights Place
Grovehurst Lodge
Stone Court
Colebrook Park
The Poplars
Stanton House
Holly Bank
Hubbles  (Hubbles Farm ?)
Chapel Cottage
Trohork Cottage
The Chesnuts
Laurel hurst,  Lower Gn
Pembury End
Stanley Cottage, High St.
The Chestnuts
Holly Bank, Hastings Rd.
Ryecroft, Lower Gn.
The Cottage, Lower Green
Harriett Villas
Arnold Lodge, Lower Green
Kenilworth,  Hastings Road
Oak Lodge, Lower Gn.

Credits for contributions  EG  – Ed Gilbert    MS – Mary Standen – various histories.    Ky – Kelly’s Directories



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