Just One Village by Jack Standen

Just One Village

1910 – 1960

by J.E. Standen


This is a scanned copy of Jack Standen’s book, placed on this web site with kind permission of his descendants still in Pembury.

Each chapter is accessed via its own PDF file as the entire work was considered too large to download as one file.

The quality is limited to the quality of the original pages as scanned.  It is not good.

You are advised to use the zoom facility of your page display to magnify and clarify the content.

Any volunteers willing to transcribe this work electronically would be gladly welcomed.

Below – Chapter titles


Links to Chapters

 1 Transport
 2 School
 3 Work
4 Sport
5 Entertainment
6 High Days
7 Characters
8 Houses
9 Food
10 Clothes
11 War 1
12 War 2
13 Health
 14 Welfare
 15 Church
Scanned & processed by Tony Nicholls  Feb 2021.         Does need proper transcription.