Centaur Launches Free Trials for Commuters

A coach company is giving people the chance to travel on its new London commuter service for two days free of charge.

Centaur Commute is so confident that passengers will prefer its executive coaches to the train that it’s even offering to deduct any fees that commuters incur if they cancel their rail season ticket in favour of its service.

The company began its full service from West Kent to Canary Wharf and London less than two weeks ago following a month of successful test runs but the new link has already sparked a surge of enquiries and dozens of commuters have snapped up tickets.

“The response has been incredibly positive,” says Centaur Commute’s chief executive, Matthew Sims. “Those who have tried our service have been really surprised at how comfortable, fast and relaxing it is, not to mention how much they can save on the cost of their travel.

“Around 7.5 million rail journeys are made to and from Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge every year*, making them two of the busiest stations in Kent,” adds Matthew. “Yet it’s clear from the feedback we’re getting that many people are fed up with rocketing rail fares, delays, cancellations and poor communication on trains when things go wrong. And until now there’s been no quality, value-for-money alternative.”

The company operates routes serving Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and the surrounding areas, with almost 70 pick-up points. It’s the only coach commuter service to link this area with London.

Commuters can save as much as £2,104** a year travelling with Centaur Commute instead of by train to Canary Wharf and up to £1,480** a year to London Bridge.

“Commuters are beginning to realise the huge benefits of travelling by coach,” says Matthew. “Guaranteed seats, plenty of leg room, and air conditioning are just some of the things that make this a very pleasant, viable alternative to rail travel.

“We’re also inviting motorists who usually drive to London to give us a try. If you commute by coach you have time to relax, doze, or catch up on some work during your journey. You can’t do that if you’re driving!”

For further details about Centaur Commute’s services to Canary Wharf and London, and to find out how to book your free two-day trial, visit www.commutetolondon.com or call 020 8300 3001.