Penns Yard Petition

Recently we have been asked to sign a petition in relation to the loss of Greenbelt Land in Pembury.

Before this we had heard nothing about this development, which will affect all of us residents in Pembury. Therefore it has been decided to start a Facebook page to post all the information in one place and allowing everyone in the village to debate the issue. It is of no surprise that this development has been instigated by senior management of Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, in full knowledge that the Trust made no contingency for housing needs for key workers at the new PFI hospital.

From the outset the Trust have were fully aware of the needs of key workers but decided to try and manipulate planning laws to have key worker homes built on their behalf.

There has been no consideration of schooling, roads, parking, Doctors surgeries etc. Pembury School is already at its limit & struggling to cope with student numbers already.

It is now time for those that live, affiliated, work or run a business in Pembury to be heard. Therefore please join the Facebook page and get your views across.

‘From a resident of Pembury’