Missing Cat – Can you help reunite Lucky with his owners?

Lucky is a ginger tabby cat. He is about 18 months old, neutered and has a distinguishable bold ginger line around his chest and a typical mackerel tabby coat, with the ‘M’ markings above his gold eyes. Lucky is a very sociable cat – he is loving, happy and friendly, always purring. He is known to visit neighbour’s houses, through their cat flaps, for a treat, and we are worried that he has explored a little too far, or been shut in somebody’s garage or shed due to his inquisitive nature. Please could you check all of your outbuildings, lofts and spare rooms in case he is locked in? Thank you so much!

Lucky was last seen in Elmhurst Avenue on Saturday 17th December and there is a £200 reward for his safe return.

If you have any information on Lucky’s whereabouts, have spotted him recently or have any news about him, please call Anna & Matt Dixon on:

01892 825219 / 07843 084340 / 07739 020074

Thank you.