Local History

A lot of our relative recent history is lost because of the way in which changes to our local environment is recorded. To most of us it’s all ‘recent’, but in some cases it might be 20 years since it happened. For instance the building of the Pembury By-Passes….1989.

2012 sees the 20th anniversary of the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre, but can you remember what was there before? I’m sure a lot of Pembury residents have a lot of memories about Tunbridge Wells locked up in their own memory….

Anke Of the Royal Tunbridge Wells blog would love to capture some of these recent recollections before they are ‘lost’ in the mists of time. Please contact him via the blog with any snippet of information, no matter how insignificant you might think it is… all these bits of information help to put together the jigsaw that is our modern day surroundings.