Joining the Society

The Pembury Society is entirely non-political and takes an interest in village activities generally. It holds at least two public meetings a year, usually with guest speakers, to which all members are welcome. The committee meets every three months or so to check progress and consider future problems and newsletters reporting society business are sent to all members.

The weight the Society carries in its endeavours is directly related to the number of members it represents: the more members we have, the more effective our voice. Awareness, not apathy, is the only way to halt further encroachment upon our environment. That is why we ask you to join, and the benefits you will enjoy will be the opportunities you have to meet others with a similar interest in our community, in a friendly atmosphere.

You will see that the annual subscription for a single or family membership is very small. We keep it that way so that the cost of membership should never be a bar to joining us. Please do.





Membership Prices

Family: £5.00
Individual: £3.00

I wish to apply for membership of The Pembury Society as detailed above and enclose the sum of:-

Cheques made payable to The Pembury Society.

Name: Signature: ………………………………..
Address: Tel No:



How would you like to help?

If you would like to help, please tick one(or more) of the following:-
Delivery of newsletter Publicity
Planning advice Photocopying/printing
Photography Collecting subscriptions
Social functions Research/statistics
Joining the Committee  Other

Forms and cheques should be sent to Mick Castle, 15 Elmhurst Avenue, Pembury, TN2 4DA.