People & Families

This page lists access to information about people and families in Pembury.
It is hoped this may be helpful for anyone tracking their ancestors from Pembury.
We have lots of content ready to be loaded to this section.  Please look back sometime.
Much of this data will be scattered about the web site on various pages and in various documents.
These links point to known locations of families or individuals. This is incomplete and is not an exact science.

We are dealing with past and present residents. Current residents may not seem relevant on a history web site,
but times moves on and eventually we all end up becoming history.

There are several sources for locating past & present residents –

(1)  the list via this Residents’ List link.  It is just a list of names, dates, locations and reference sources.
It is by no means complete and is a work in progress. I think it will always be a work in progress!

(2) Articles and notes on specific people or families, having far more detail than the raw list above.
The list is in order of surname in first column, then by full name and date in the second column.

(3) Pembury Village News articles that have profiled contemporary residents.

Rixon Rixon Family  from c1568      Family Notes by Kathryn Franklin


   Basic intro and link to family data.

 Austen-Hooper-Alchin Family Notes by Kathryn Franklin
 Baggeson  Niels Immanuel Baggesen  1876 – 1960       Notes by Kathryn Franklin
 Beeching  Life and Times of Henry Beeching  by Edward Gilbert
 Foule  Foule family from notes on Myrtle Cottage by Kathryn Franklin
 Fry  Fry Family from 1842     Notes by Kathryn Franklin
 Glubb  PVN No 102 article by Norman Starkey – Pembury in the Past – The Glubbs   Page 25
 Hatch – Town  Family Notes by Kathryn Franklin
 Hubble  Hubble Family from c1740     Family Notes by Kathryn Franklin
 Polley  Margery Polley, Martry     Kevin Eddser   PVN No 140 Winter 2009   Page 31
 Skinners  Skinner Family from 1654      Family Notes by Kathryn Franklin
Skinner family from notes on Myrtle Cottage by Kathryn Franklin
 Stock  Thomas Stock  c1780          Notes by Kathryn Franklin
 Vaness  Vaness family from notes on Myrtle Cottage by Kathryn Franklin
 Wanmers  Wanmers Family from c1820    Family Notes by Kathryn Franklin

Entries in italics and with no link are still awaiting a link.


Pembury people, past & present, from the ‘Pembury People’ series or other articles in the Pembury Village News.
Follow the links to the PVN articles.

This list is incomplete, and needs a few more hours searching through the archive of PVNs.
Any volunteer search help would be appreciated.

Issue Year Person Link
105 2001 Alf Pimblett PVN Page 15 Link
106 2001 Dr Singh PVN Page 15 Link
108 2001 Ray Heasman PVN Page 15 Link
109 2002 Mary Standen PVN Page 16 Link
110 2002 Derek Johnson PVN Page 19 Link
111 2002 Jim Allwood PVN Page 16 Link
112 2002 Richard Snow PVN Page 23 Link
114 2003 Geoff Plummer PVN Page 30 Link
115 2003 David Gow PVN Page 16 Link
116 2003 Iris Bradford PVN Page 12 Link
117 2004 Peter & Janet Ditchett PVN Page 13 Link
118 2004 James Webb PVN Page 30 Link
119 2004 Sue Boreham PVN Page 24 Link
121 2005 James Cunningham PVN Page 24 Link
122 2005 Betty Howell PVN Page 21 Link
122 2005 Bruce Ballentine PVN Page 5 Link
123 2005 Sarah Clarke PVN Page 16 Link
126 2006 Joan Wales PVN Page 33 Link
129 2007 Denise Barnes PVN Page 27 Link
129 2007 Yvette Allen PVN Page 5 Link
129 2007 Leslie Gregory PVN Page 5 Link
131 2007 David Parry PVN Page 24 Link
132 2007 David Coleman PVN Page 20 Link
133 2008 Ivan Matsine PVN Page 28 Link
134 2008 Steve Morton PVN Page 16 Link
136 2008 Bernie Bass PVN Page 15 Link
139 2009 Huffy Wilson PVN Page 7 Link
141 2010 Charles Marshall PVN Page 31 Link
142 2010 Barbara Russell PVN Page 20 Link
143 2010 Peter Jervis PVN Page 31 Link
145 2011 Melvyn Cole PVN Page 15 Link
145 2011 Revd. Douglas Robertson PVN Page 9 Link
147 2011 Biddy Wilson PVN Page 33 Link
166 2016 Gordon Lavy PVN Page 6 Link
167 2016 Gillie Norman PVN Page xx Link   ( not yet ready)
168 2016 John Wooden PVN Page xx Link   ( not yet ready)
169 2017 Name PVN Page xx Link
170 2017 Hugh Boorman PVN Page 17 Link   ( not yet ready)
170 2017 Mike Morphett PVN Page 29 Link   ( not yet ready)
Issue Year Name PVN Page xx Link
Issue Year Name PVN Page xx Link
Issue Year Name PVN Page xx Link
Issue Year Name PVN Page xx Link
Issue Year Name PVN Page xx Link
Issue Year Name PVN Page xx Link


If you have fresh information or need to contact a contributor to this page please contact me by email –

Tony Nicholls    or    and label the subject  Pembury Family Contacts.