Pembury War Memorial

The Pembury War Memorial stands on Pembury Road outside St Peters Upper Church.

Below are pictures taken by Steve Morton, these pictures can be used for personal research only.

Some of the names on the war memorial are mis-spelt, please see this story on the BBC website for the corrections.

The misspelled names

  • Albert Mc’Queen (should be Albert McQueen)
  • Albert and Thomas Penticost (should be Pentecost)
  • Sydney Ratcliffe (should be Sidney Ratcliffe)
  • John Stedman (should be John Steadman)
  • Edward Crossley (should be Edmund Crossley)
  • William Parks (should be William Parkes)
  • John Philbeam (should be John Pilbeam)


Link to Richard Snow’s Articles on Pembury’s War Heroes – Articles Page,   Item 002