Margery Polley Drinking Trough

The stone trough for horse drinking water was erected to the memory of Margery Polley who suffered martyrdom in 1555.

The trough, erected in 1909, was used by horses after being shod at the nearby smithy, and those moving through the village.

These troughs were usually produced by the Cattle Trough Association for the common watering of cattle and horses.

In around 1965 the trough was hit by a motor vehicle and had to be repaired. From that date it no longer held water, but soil and flowers.


polley-trough-back-800“While we were yet sinners Christ died for us”


polley-trough-edge-1-800To The Memory of Margery Polley of Pembury.
Who Suffered Martydom at Tonbridge  AD 1555
Erected By Voluntary Contributions






polley-trough-side-800Metropolitan Drinking Fountain      .      Cattle Trough Association     .     AD 1909




Photos and compilation by Tony Nicholls       2016